Authentic News Media is a grassroots news outlet founded by a Philadelphia based truth-seeker whose main purpose is to discover the truth regardless of how painful it is to accept. CNN, Fox News, CBS, etc are all controlled news outlets who only distribute information that will continue to keep us in a perpetual state of slavery. If you believe ISIS is the real enemy, voting for a new president will create change in an already broken and rigged system, or think that banning the weapons within the United States of America will decrease the violence then I highly advise you to exit this site at this very moment.

The name Authentic News Media or ANM was created to mock news outlets such as the ones mentioned above.  One can learn much about an organization by studying it’s name and discovering what it stands for prior to even looking at the actual content. Fox News, Cable News Network, and Columbia Broadcasting System sound like incredibly authoritative names such as the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even the way the individuals who represent these news outlets present themselves in an artificial way with the news anchor and their monotone voice or the pretty weathergirl with the tight dress.  Why do these news outlets take such drastic measures to present themselves in such an “official” way? Because they are feeding you bullshit and since most people are operating off of a shallow mindset, the media will have an easier time selling this garbage to the general population. “Oh no! That cute anchor wouldn’t be lying to me every day or the charming weatherman would never spoon feed me lies!” Keep telling yourself that if you wish for this planet to continue on a crash course to enslavement.

Here at Authentic News Media, I promise until the last day of this news outlet to deliver authentic news regardless of how unpopular it is to talk about or the consequences that could potentially shut this show down. I’m not interested in ratings, money, donations, but only delivering news that the mainstream media has failed to do. I’m still in a constant state of learning so if I’m ever wrong on anything or you find that I’m neglecting specific subjects, please email me at authenticnewsmedia@gmail.com.


All distractions. Zero truth.
All distractions. Zero truth.



Also, I highly encourage all of you to do your homework and to question and study everything no matter how absurd it sounds. Lastly, please check out the Authentic News Media Youtube Channel. As Albert Einstein once said, “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”


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